Teen Girls doing time

I feel like blogging about this topic may clarify, explain and open this up for discussion. I’ve worked with girls in a “treatment facility” for some time, somewhere in the U.S. I’ve seen a lot so I have a lot to talk about. I’ve met girls who were/are neglected, sell their bodies, have been kidnapped, self-harm, tried to commit suicide… the list is to broad to finish. These girls are someones child, sister, best-friend, even mother.  I’ve learned a lot and I’ve shared a bunch. I have lots of stories!!! Some will have you cracking up, others will make you shed tears….



3 thoughts on “Teen Girls doing time

  1. brothabless says:

    i woulde like to hear more about these girls stories,and would like to know are you a Christian and if so have you shared Christ with them or is that against the rules,let me know,and if their is any of theem that need special pryer let me know because i am willing to pray for their eternal souls God bless.

    • Yes, I am a born again Christian. Yes prayer is needed. Many of the girls have demonic spirits, the spirit of lust, gluttony, homosexuality… I do share Christ with them. We are not “supposed” to push out beliefs on them. But if they believe or have questions- I’m spreading the Gospel!! I do talk to the non-believers also, just have to be careful. Thank you and God bless

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